Lux-Craft Inc. is the premier Sports Lighting company.

We specialize to provide sport facilities with top quality LED lighting systems. Our systems deliver crisp and clear lighting while reducing electricity cost by as much as 70%.

No other lighting systems on the market today are comparable in quality and light level output.

We work with our clients on a one-on-one to provide best quality lighting system.               

Each facility is unique and our lighting engineers will design a custom solution to deliver the best possible lighting system.

Since our systems deliver substantial energy savings many of our clients qualify for Government sponsored rebate programs.


Benefits of Lux-Craft Inc. lighting systems include:

-       Uniform Light Distribution

-       Indirect Light Source

-     70% in Electrical Energy Savings

-       Reduced Glare

-       Long Life (50,000+ HRS)  

-       Instant ON/OFF  

-       Available Dimming for Ideal Lighting

-       Occupancy Sensor Adaptable

-       No Harmful UV or Infrared Radiation

-       5 Year Warranty